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MURICKENS GROUP ;- An ISO certified reliable manufactures and distributors of Flyline:- Solar inverter, Solar-streetlight, solar panel. Solar ongrid system, Solar charge-controller, Solar off-grid-power plant, Solar-battery less rooftop power system, Inverter, Off-line ups, On-line ups, Tubular-batteries, 110vstep-down, MG:- Solar-water heater, Voltage Servo-stabilizer, Deep Freezers, Mobile-mortuaries and dead body chambers. Murickens Group is fast growing company and is driven by the quest for excellence and customer satisfaction. Also A Number one free listing Kerala real estate web portal for buying and selling of houses, plots, estates, resorts, commercial building & lands, flats and low cost properties for immediate sale. Group entered in electronics field 1990 and in solar field in year of 2000.

Number one manufactures and distributors of Flyline:- Solar inverter, Solar-streetlight, solar panel. Solarcharge-controller, Solaroff-grid-powerplant, Solar-batteryless-ups, Inverter, Off-lineups, On-lineups, Tubular-batteries, 110vstep-down, MG:- Solar-waterheater, Voltage. Servo-stabilizer, Deep Freezers, Mobile-mortuaries,etc.




Solar Hybrid System

Flyline Solar Hybrid Inverter

Flyline solar hybrid inverter is a best and reliable alternative solution for uninterrupted power supply. It is specially designed for medium type of loads like light,fan,tv, mixer, etc. Soit is most suitable for a medium type of house and small business concerns.

Solar Standalone Power Plant

Flyline Solar Standalone Inverter

Solar Flyline standalone system is an alternative, complete solution for allour electricityneeds. This system can work 24 x7. This is system is fully automatic. Murickens group introduced rooftop solar power plant in Kerala market in the year 2000.

Solar Grid-Tie inverter

Flyline Solar Grid-tie Inverter

Flyline Grid Tie inverter is an Export unit of electricity to grid. It convert dc power generated by Solar panel to Alternating current .It does not support the load. So we can install required capacity of the grid system.

Batteryless Grid Sharing System

Flyline Solar Grid Compansating System Inverter

Flyline grid compensating system is designed for day time users. It is an exclusive product of Murickens group. Flyline solar grid sharing system is an off grid battery less device.


Flyline Digital Protector

. It is one of the best solutions for high and low voltage control and delay. A single unit is sufficient for a house or for a building. Customer can simply pre-set its parameters like high voltage, low voltage and delay time.

Solar Charge Controller

Flyline Solar Cherge Controller

It is a best solution for controlling unregulated solar DC Power to a regulated voltage. Flyline Solar charger is used to control high and low voltage of battery, short circuit of panel etc.

Solar Street Light

Flyline Solar Street Light

Flyline solar high power led street light is specially designed for garden pathway, yards, grounds etc.It is fully automatic on / off controlled System. The unit includes high power led luminary, flyline solar panel and Flyline tubular battery.

Solar Battery

Flyline Solar Tubular Battery

Murickens Group Introduced high efficiency solar power supporting batteries since 2000. We have different capacity of C-10 storage batteries - 50AH to 200 AH in 12 (V).

Solar Panel

Flyline Solar Panel

The MG Lightning Arrester is a special, sophisticated device manufactured by Murickens Group. This device's primary function is to protect electronic devices from high voltage.

Sinewave Inverter

Flyline Inverter

we have two types of General inverters. One is Semi Sine wave and the another one is pure Sine wave inverter Flyline Sine wave Inverter is must for working Electronic and Electrical equipments at the time of power failure or wherever need a continuous flow of electricity

Solar Water Heater

MG Solar Water Heater

It is a complete solution for getting natural hot water with the help of sunlight and MG solar system. No electric bills to pay, no electrical hazards. There are two types of solar water heater is available in the market MG Flat Plate Collector (FPC) and MG Evacuated Tube Collector (ETC).

ETC Solar Water Heater

MG BLDC Solar Pump

MG BLDC(Brush Less Direct Current) Solar Water Pump is essential device work in any environment.The Main usage of water pump is to pump out water.

MG Servo stabilizer

MG Servo Stabilizer

. MG servo stabilizer controls high and low voltage and provides a constant out voltage. The availability of constant voltage all system is safe and provides 100% efficiency and assures long life.

MG mobile Freezer

MG Mobile Mortuary

Murickens group are the pioneers in dead body manufacturers field. Maintaining the international quality and after sales support we are in top position this this refrigeration field. MG branded mobile mortuaries are best solutions to keep dead bodies in our home other locations as it is for one or two days.

MG Mortuary Chamber

MG Mortuary Chamber

MG brand mortuary chamber is most power saving models available in the market for hospitals and nursing homes. While most other brands have only one compressor for the whole unit, MG mortuary chamber have separate compressor for each unit.