About us

The name of our firm has been derived from the well-known ancient family name - "Muricken". To keep up the prestigious tradition of our family, we always maintained exotic quality, prompt service and impressive dealing in each and every aspect of manufacturing and marketing of our products. Our sincerity and relentless hard work paved the way for our incredible success and progress within the last three decades. Made a humble beginning during 1975 in Kaduthuruthy, northern region of Kottayam District. In 1992, we moved to our own building in the heart of the city Kaduthuruthy for all our business activities. In 1992, we stepped into the Real Estate Consultancy business under the brand name 'Murickens Group'. Upon establishing “Murickens Group” we continued our hard work to improve the life of people in every walks of life. Fair dealing, trustworthiness and our swift action have made us different from contemporaries. In the course of time we established our branches all over Kerala, India and even abroad. Our growth coupled with growth of science and technology we established our subsidiary mainly to deal with electrical and electronic appliances under the brand name “
”. Here we manufacture and market what is best in the world using materials what is on the top of technology. Our customers get what is best in the world. In return we gets their satisfied mind and so we progress smoothly. Our product range includes UPS, inverters, Solar inverters video coach inverters car inverters step-up/step-down transformers, servo stabilizers, dish antennae, DTH, emergency lamps and so on.

In1993 established yet another subsidiary under the brand name “” Products. This includes deep freezers, air-conditioners, mobile mortuary, water coolers, solar water heaters and hot & Coldwater flask etc. Year 2000 saw Murickens Group entering the personal computers field through the introduction of MG Computer Systems. Our pledge is to offer what is best in the market to satisfy our customers. Our service after sales is unmatched. All our products are chosen with customer in mind. Latest in technology and design are chosen and they offer the best value for money. Our success and continuous growth is based on these simple yet difficult to achieve fundamentals and on the warmest customer relations. Besides the Head office in Kaduthuruthy, Murickens Group now has offices at Pandalam, Kottayam, Ernakulam, Kollam and REPRESENTATIVE OFFICALS AT Bombay and USA.