THIS   AGREEMENT FOR SALE   executed on   this   _____   day of ______,2005 BETWEEN       name _______ s/o ____________Age__________, Place ___________,Village   ________ Taluk ______________.House _____________( Full Address ___) here in after reffered as Party No1     And,   ___________name _______ S/o________________Age________________, Place ____________Village ______________ Taulk __________________(full Address ) . herein after referred to as party no 2.

WHEREAS the Vendors are in absolute ownership and possession of property described as   Deed No.   _________________________,of     Sub Registrar Office (SRO) _________________having an extention of________Acre _________cent ________   land as per the Deed,   with the Survey No of   ___________________________, with the extention measuring to   ______ Acre_______ Cent   so the total land is ______ acre ______ Cent Land   in Village _______________ Taluk __________________They are the owners in possession of the property   above e described land   and purchasers have offered to purchase   the entire extent of the said ,property with all improvements thereon , the assurences that it is free   from all   encumbrances.


1.  The Vendors agree to sell and the Purchasers agree to purchase the entire property described as the   Deed   No. _________________________of     Sub Registrar Office   (SRO) ____________________at the price of total Rs. ______Lakhs ( Rupees _________________only). ,   subject to a good and marketable title being made in respect thereof and the property being found free from all encumbrances, attachments, charges and other claims and demands .

2.  The respective terms of the agreement shall be complied   with by each of the parties before _____th   _________ 2006.

3.  The Purchasers have this day paid to the Vendors a sum of Rs._________(you can writ the amount) (Rupees ______Lakhs only )   as and by way of advance sale consideration.
4.  The Vendors assure the Purchasers that the property is free   from all encumbrances and agrees that they shall produce Title Deeds , Non-Encumbrance Certificate for the property since last fifteen years .,Possession Certificate,   Latest land Tax   Receipts , Location Sketch and all documents necessary for assuring the Purchasers of good and marketable title within the agreement period.

5.  The Vendors further assure to measure and demarcate the property within the agreement period.

6.  The Venders agree that the property contains :   __________________(_Please writ the Plantation l details  & if the building is there mention all the details i.e. building No________ KSEB connection NO________ , Water Connection Details ________& mention about the  latest building  tax receipt, Electricity Bill Receipt and  if  the price including the furniture & mention the furniture details.) of   will not make any damaged for this items   and   keep   it as normal way.

7. The Purchers shall pay to the Vendors pay the balance amount due towards sale  consideration, subject to fulfillment of condition No. 4,5 and 6 by the Vendors.  On receipt of the said payment the Vendors agree to deliver peaceful vacant possession of the entire property to the Purchasers.

8.  The Purchasers agree that the balance sale consideration shall be paid to the Vendors on or before ______(please   writ the agreemental     last date   for documentation)________ 2006     and the Vendors agree to executed and register the Sale Deed in favour of the Purchasers or their   nominees on receipt of the said amount.

9.  In default of the terms of this agreement by the Purchasers, the Vendors have the right to foreit Rs. ______ to _______ Lakhs   from the advance paid by the Purchasers and treat this agreement as cancelled   or can claim interest @   18% per annuam for the delayed period on the outstanding amount .   In default of the terms of the agreement by the Vendors the Purchasers have the right to claim   return of   the   amount paid by them   with interest @ 18%     per annum , along with liquidated   damages of Rs. ____________ lakhs(Rupees   ___________________only)

  In witness whereof the parties here to   have signed   this agreement.

VENDORS              :Mr. _______________                          
  Purchasers           :Mr. _______________

In the presence of :
Witness (1)   ________________

Witness (2) _________________

Witness (3) _________________


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