Kerala Beaches

Most of India's finest beaches are in Kerala. Virtually its entire 900km length coastline is lined with sandy beaches, rocky promontories and coconut palms. Each year, a great number of visitors arrive here is search of tranquil, palm-fringed beaches. Kerala enjoys an extraordinary kinship with the sea. Mythically born from it, Kerala's bond with the sea is that of a child and mother. By the virtue of having most of India's finest beaches, Kerala offers you surf, spice and sand like no other place. Though extremely popular worldwide, the beaches remain strangely unspoilt and bewitching. The cool breeze that blows on the beaches will work like a balm to your soul. You will find the communing with air, water and sand at the beaches of Kerala a supreme rejuvenation. Here are some beautiful beaches in the God's Own Country with a short description....

Kovalam beaches :- is one of India's internationally renowned beaches. Popular since 1930, Kovalam consists of three successive crescent shaped beaches. Riding the high seas on three or four pieces of tree trunk tied together simply by coir yarn, sailing triumphantly over the tempestuous waves, hair whipped back from the face, the body tense with the exhilaration of the moment - that's Catamaran cruising is just one of the incredibly pleasurable experiences that Kovalam offers you.

Varkala beaches  :- red laterite cliffs that border the beach just dramatically into the sea;Varkala is a seaside resort and spa, as well as an important Hindu centre of pilgrimage. The 2000 year-old Sree Janardhana Swamy Temple and the Nature care centre are the two main attractions in Varkala.

Alleppey beaches :- the beach here is spectacular. At one end are the dense palm groves that are so characteristic of Kerala's landscape.You can cut across the sea waves lashing the shore in passionate fury, or indulge in the luxury of sitting on a sand dune and paddling your feet in the water.

Kappad beaches  :- History comes alive where a small monument commemorates the landing of Vasco da Gama in 1498. With the legends woven around its historic origins and traditions that cast their own spell, the scenic beauty of Kappad is no less enchanting. Set admist picturesque fishing villages and rock information, the beach is trulylovely.

Bekal beaches :- Flanked on two sides by long ravishingly beautiful palmfringed beaches ,the Bekal fort stands proud on a promontory. The fort's commanding position ,with views across the bays to the north and the south are truly breath taking.


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